Beautiful Music

At seventeen, Sarah and Evan were both members of the Philadelphia Youth Symphony.  One day after practice, Evan slipped Sarah a note telling her how pretty she was.  It was the beginning of a great friendship but it took Evan a few more years to seal the deal.  With friends and family looking on at the Madison Hotel Conservatory recently, they signed on the dotted line and made it a permanent duet! 


Janet Vidovich  commented on  July 22nd, 2010

Beautiful bride and handsome groom! I'm so glad to see this video because I wasn't able to attend the wedding. Thank you.

Lorraine Westermark  commented on  July 27th, 2010

Sarah and Evan, Beautiful pictures and congratulations! I am so glad that your dad was able to go. Love to both of you, Lorraine Westermark

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